Hi, I am Gino Pereira, an enthusiastic multi-skilled designer with creative flair, meticulous attention to detail and a passion for Graphic & Front-End Web Design. My creative journey into the world of design started in 2002, while working at a DTP repro house. My eagerness and ability to learn has steered from designing simple business cards and brochures to now focusing on creating interactive websites that work across all platforms & devices. I am innovative and proactive and able to provide professional customer service.

Skill Sets

  • Graphic Design85%
  • Front End Web Design85%
  • HTML85%
  • Woocommerce65%

  • UI Design65%
  • CSS85%
  • Wordpress80%
  • Bootstrap80%


  • Jeremy Hendricks
    We have been using Gino for our event artwork for many years and his always somehow managed through his creativity and talent to transform our concept and ideas into an engaging design format, always meeting our time frame and deadlines. I will highly recommend him without a shadow of a doubt.
    Jeremy Hendricks
    Psyedge Productions
  • Debby-Lee Wall
    Gino Pereira worked as a front-end web developer and graphic designer at Web-Active for approximately 3 years. I worked closely with Gino and found him to be very knowledgeable and to deliver a high quality of work consistently. Gino eagerly shares his knowledge, working not only to continue to grow and develop his own skills but also the skills of those around him. He is a very pleasant and hardworking individual and I believe he will make a great addition to any team.
    Debby-Lee Wall
    Manager at Web-Active